solar panels

Our Approach

Warranties are a critical consideration when purchasing a solar power system and deserve to be upheld. Unfortunately there are many homeowners who installed solar years ago through companies that no longer exist, and have a functioning or broken solar system that is not under warranty. Fix My Solar exists to service that need.

Our Story

Fix My Solar is a division of Beacon Solar. Beacon Solar has been installing residential and commercial solar since 2010. We have installed 2,000 residential systems and over 10 megawatts of commercial solar.

Fix My Solar specializes in the service, maintenance, and repair of solar systems - no matter the brand, product, or where you made your original purchase.

Customers of big solar installers might have found themselves no longer having anyone to perform service on their solar systems after they filed for bankruptcy. We have the experience to ensure a stress free solar experience for years to come. No one deserves to be left in the dark when they most need the help, that's why Fix My Solar is here.

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